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The 2017 Rescue Techniques Training Course in Tokyo

December 11, 2017

  The Tokyo Fire Department (TFD) offers the Rescue Techniques Training Course to the foreign fire and emergency services personnel from the cities participating in the Crisis Management Network by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG). This TMG-initiated city network system is the practical, cooperative project for Japan and other nations in the world.

  This yearfs training session was given for ten days, October 16 through 27 (except 21 and 22), at the TFDfs Fire Academy.

  Six trainees from the New Taipei City Fire Department of Taiwan learned a variety of rescue techniques and skills from three TFD members|the ginstructorsh from the 6th District HQfs Fire Rescue Task Forces and the Shinjuku Fire Station.

  For 14 days from February 26, 2018, the outbound course of this Rescue Techniques Training Course will be held for New Taipei City FD members. In this course, the six trainees will demonstrate and hand down the rescue techniques and skills which they obtained in Tokyo with the three TFD trainers. These three people will also play a supportive role in New Taipei City for the February training course.

  The TFD started this Training Course in FY 2008. This fiscal year marks its 10th anniversary. Simultaneously, this fiscal year is exactly the last for this training program. From FY 2018 on, the TFD will present its renewed training courses.

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