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Excellence Mark : Tokyo Got New Sign of Safety.
-Certified Fire Safety Building Indication System-

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The Excellence Mark is given to any building certified as "well prepared" for fire. For the acquisition of the sign, the entitled person of a building is required to apply to the fire station in his area and have his building viewed in light of fire safety. Upon the fire station chieffs decision, the Mark is issued as a fire safety certification.
The Excellence Mark can be placed and shown at the entrance, exit or reception of a building. Certified buildings are announced in the Tokyo Fire Departmentfs website.


Application for the Excellence Mark

The buildings required to have fire protection managers are "eligible" for the application for the Excellence Mark. (e.g. hotels, inns, department stores, social welfare facilities, schools, company offices, etc.)


Certifying: gFire Safetyh Building

In receipt of the applications from the entitled persons of buildings, the fire station chief checks over buildings to see if they meet the certifying standard. Appropriate buildings are certified as excellent fire safety buildings.

(1)  Do you follow fire service and building fire safety laws/regulations?
(2)  Is a safe evacuation technically reviewed and guaranteed in your building?
(3)  Is your worksite private fire brigade well organized and trained?
(4)  Have you been without any grave law violation for these two years?
(5)  Have you been without any fire resulting from law violation for these two years?
(6)  Do you take independent measures actively to improve building fire/life safety? (e.g. fire prevention efforts, safe evacuation ideas, etc.)

Fire Evacuation Simulation
Fire Evacuation Simulation
Proper Action by the Private Fire Brigade

Announcement of the Fire Safety Building Certificate

The entitled persons of building can officially put out the Fire Safety Building Certificate (Excellence Mark) granted by the fire station chief. It can be placed at the entrance, exit or reception of a building, and in a pamphlet, leaflet, website, etc. In addition, certified buildings are announced by the fire station chief.