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First Aid with AED
What to do next if you find someone lying on the ground

AED : Automated External Defibrillator

Text for Layperson Training for Lifesaving(Third Edition)

1. Talk to the victim while tapping on the shoulder.

Are you OK?

2. If the victim is unresponsive or it is difficult to judge his or her conditions, shout for help and ask the people nearby to dial 1-1-9 and bring the AED.

I need help!
It’s an emergency.
You dial 119.
You get the AED.

3. See if the victim is breathing.

Check the chest and stomach for normal breathing. [Within 10 SECONDS]

4. If the victim is no breathing or it is difficult to judge his or her conditions, start cardiac compression. [30 TIMES]

30 compressions

Where? Middle of the chest

5. If you have trained skills for rescue breaths and no hesitation to perform them, give the breaths 2 times after chest compressions.

2 breaths

・Give 2 breaths. [About 1 SECOND at a time]
・See the chest is rising.

・If you haven’t practiced giving rescue breaths,
・If you don’t have a mouthpiece for rescue breaths,
・If the victim has blood or vomit in their mouth…

Continue ONLY compressions.

* You can’t, or may well not, be infected without a mouthpiece. However, it is recommended.

Give 30 compressions and 2 breaths. Repeat.

6. When you’ve got AED at hand…

Turn it ON.

Some devices can be automatically turned ON with their lid opened.

7. Place the pads on the chest.

The pictures on the pads show where they should go.
See that the chest is NOT wet.(If wet, wipe with a towel.)

* If you find smaller pads, use them for chilren at the age of up to 6 or so.

8. AED tells you to give electric shocks.

Stay away!

Stay away from the vicctim while AED is at work.

9. Press the shock button.

See that the victim is NOT touched by anyone.
Then,press the flashing shock button.

Shock button

Press the button and follow the message.

Continue the CPR process until an ambulance unit arrives, or the victim shows movement including normal breathing.


Give 30 compressions and 2 breaths.

COMPRESSION where? Lower part of breastbone(i.e.,middle of the chest)
How? With both hands (Children: with both hands or one hand
            Babies: with two fingers)
Depth About 5 cm (1/3 of the chest depth for children and babies)
Speed 100-120 times/min
BREATHING How much? Until the chest rises.
How long? About 1 second
How many? 2 times

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