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What is AED (Automated External Defibrillator) ?

The AED is a medical device contains a super analyzer of the victimfs heart rhythm. It analyzes the victimfs heart rhythm and determines an abnormal heart rhythm which needs defibrillation (electric shock).

An AED is light, small and handy to carry. It is easily operated. After the button is pushed or the lid is opened, it will tell you through a voice prompt how to proceed.

If defibrillation is not needed, it is not electrified even if the button is pushed. It is designed for safe use.

AED fs approved by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law at present

What is defibrillation?

It is the definitive treatment for an abnormal heart rhythm caused by gsudden cardiac arresth, that is, giving an electric shock to the victimfs heart makes the heart rhythm normal.