Greetings from Fire Chief

Jun Takahashi (25th Fire Chief)
I am Jun Takahashi, the 25th Fire Chief of the Tokyo Fire Department (TFD).
I really appreciate your special understanding and cooperation as we perform our daily fire safety services.
In Tokyo, preparations are under way for the tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Meanwhile, we may be hit by a devastating earthquake at any moment here in Tokyo. Amid these situations, Tokyo citizens are more concerned about their safety and comfort, and therefore expect us to do more to ensure their safety than ever before.
To reach our goal of making Tokyo the safest and most comfortable place in the world, we do our best and keep on improving our disaster respondersf capabilities, our aviation fire service system, and our emergency medical services. In addition, we help community residents step up their skills for greater life safety.
The TFD continues to develop into a body that the citizens of Tokyo can rely on much more than in the past. Your support and cooperation would be greatly appreciated.
Jun Takahashi
Fire Chief